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Hi, I'm Dorin Moise. Sometimes I take pictures.
These are my best 10

1. Up in the clouds

mountain clouds

📍 Chamonix, France 📅 20 August 2017 📷 Canon 5D MKII 71mm f/7.1 1/1200s ISO 100
📄 Made available for free on @unsplash. You can order it as physical wallpaper on amazon.de (non affiliated)

2. Christmas lights

📍 Brussels, Belgium 📅 1 December 2011 📷 Canon 550d 50mm f/1.4 6s ISO 100
📄 Self tripod shot with long exposure using a set of Christmas lights from Ikea. Won a prize on Smashing Magazine

3. Red tulip

📍 Brussels, Belgium 📅 14 April 2014 📷 Canon EOS 60D 100mm ƒ/2.8 1/640s ISO 100
📄 Shot in the Floralia park, it got some attention on 500px.com

4. Quiet evening by the lake

📍 Giethoorn, the Netherlands 📅 27 May 2017 📷 Canon 5D MKII 36mm ƒ/7.1 1/100s ISO 100
📄 Shot in the beautiful Dutch village of Giethoorn. Enhanced with Photolemur

5. Tony Martin in Tour de France 2012 opening stage

📍 Liege, Belgium 📅 30 June 2012 📷 Canon 60D 29mm f/8.0 1/200s ISO 100
📄 Somehow I found myself on the inside of the track. Great place to shoot the zooming cyclists. One of them was Tony Martin

6. Magenta

📍 Brussels, Belgium 📅 23 April 2017 📷 Canon EOS 5D MKII 47mm f/4.0 1/50s ISO 100
📄 Well, probably not really magenta. But this is how I see it. My blog is named colorblindprogramming.com 🙄

7. Green raindrops

📍 Brussels, Belgium 📅 16 May 2013 📷 Apple iPhone 5 4mm f/2.4 1/120s ISO 64
📄 Yes, iPhone. 5. Part of the Yahoo Project Weather, it features on the Yahoo Weather app. When it's rainy. In Brussels. See it on flickr.com

8. Skater boy

📍 Brussels, Belgium 📅 27 July 2011 📷 Canon 550d 50mm f/7.1 1/60s ISO 125
📄 A skater chills during the golden hour in the center of Brussels. Shot with the 50mm portrait lens because the 18-55mm was that bad.

9. Corniglia, Cinque Terre

📍 Corniglia, Italy 📅 16 August 2017 📷 Canon 5D MKII 105mm f/4.0 1/100s ISO 100
📄 I took this picture in a late August evening from Cade Ventu, an amazing resort in the middle of Cinque Terre.

10. Algarve beach

📍 Isla Canela, Algarve, Portugal 📅 29 October 2017 📷 GoPro HERO5 Session 3mm f/2.8 1/4098s ISO 100
📄 Shot on a GoPro Session. Yes, the one without the screen. Algarve beaches are awesome, and in October they are also empty

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